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Nina's transformational art workshop actually changed my life. I have never considered myself a visual artist, but this wasn't about making "good art". It was a deep, nourishing experience of coming back to my center, the creativity that lives there and expressing it. The journey was powerful. Nina is an expert guide, facilitator and teacher who holds space beautifully. I highly recommend her workshops to feed your soul.

- Elana Isaacs, Co creator and Facilitator, "Beyond Separation", Creator and Executive Director, "Improvalicious"


This kind of workshop was a new experience for me and yet I trusted Nina implicitly from beginning to end. I was able to access deeper parts of myself that I was then able to draw from and use in my work. The space was inviting and materials inspiring. I'm so happy I gave this gift to myself.

- Carrie Morgan, Educator 

Nina's workshops combine so many fantastic elements. What a great balance between meditation, journaling and creating. Nina creates a wonderful atmosphere- I feel very supported. safe and encouraged at Dandelion Wheel. The materials she provides are top quality. Working with Nina helps me open up and explore the full landscape of my creativity. 

- Ellen Abrams, Learning Specialist

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