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What is Intuitive Painting?  

Intuitive painting is the process of journeying into your sense of knowing without the distractions of your inner critic. It is letting go of preconceived ideas often used around art making and instead allowing the images, colors and energies

that live within you to reveal themselves to you. In this space you will find yourself naturally allowing your paintbrush to explore and record your personal truth. Intuitive painting is letting your soul lead you to that place within that you recognize as the center of your own wisdom.

Workshop Format

- We begin with a short, grounding guided meditation in very comfortable surroundings.

- Next, a guided journey meditation followed by recording your experiences through journaling. These may become inspirations for your paintings.

- Then... its to the studio! All supplies will be waiting for you- a myriad of beautiful colors of professional grade acrylic paint, a variety of brushes and your own space to paint, examine, explore and discover

- We close with a sharing circle. All are invited to share any aspect of the entire experience they'd like. You are welcome to ask for feedback or not. Whatever feels right to you.

Intuitive painting is offered both privately and in small groups of up to 10

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